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    Fun at Q's Winter Wonderland


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    Fun at Q's Winter Wonderland

    Post  Admiral Setok on Wed Dec 19, 2012 8:27 pm

    Hello all! You greatest Vulcan here is kind enough to put on a fleetwide Christmas Party at Q's Winter Wonderland! There will be all the normal snowball fights, and races, but there is Grand Prize for the lucky person who scores first place at least 3 out of 5 Fast & Flurrious Races! The Grand Prize is as follows.

    • Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Star Cruiser
    • Setok's Starter Kit for Mirror Universe Star Cruiser

    The Starter Kit Comes With Mk X and Mk XI Rare Gear, which is as follows.

    • 2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers Mk X (Modifiers Vary)
    • Mk X Console - Engineering - Field Emitter

    The Party will start in the Gazebo at 3:00PM Christmas Day, and run for an hour and a half. We will use the TFTFSTO Chat Channel for Event Coordination.

    So, come on out and try your hand at winning the Mirror Universe Star Cruiser! If no winner, the ship will be put on the Exchange for purchase. The proceeds from the sale will be put into the fleet bank, for use with fleet projects.


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